Polytrade is distinguished by it is deep experience in Business to business and Business to customer field to provide a variety of services such as:


Polytrade is privileged with its deep international connections where our experienced consultancy department is required to work long hours in return for immediate excellent positive impact for our customers and guide them through the abnormal business environment and challenges in third world countries. Polytrade is a leader in the consulting industry in Sudan with a strong intellectual culture that prioritizes creativity and academia. Polytrade consultancy department advises C-suite, business, organizational leaders across multiple sectors, including consumer, diversified industrial products, education and financial services management. Polytrade focuses on solid strategic planning, operational issues facing businesses, governments and institutions. Moreover, advises clients on management issues ranging from strategy development to performance improvement, in addition to business restructuring management, excellent exit opportunities and marketing.


Polytrade Focuses mainly on Digital marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and branding as we invasion the futuristic value of these sectors and impact on Businesses. Although, we provide Billboards, influencers, TV advertisements and sponsorship advertisements exclusively in Sudan.

Market Research:

Polytrade is honored to have a renowned in-depth market research on both Qualitative research and Quantitative research. Our Research department recognise changing market trends and associated business opportunities as well as new areas for development and understanding the existing customer’s needs with a comparative analysis of existing services offered to customers via competitors. Also, analyse and utilize information about the economy, customers, competitors, distributors, market environment, including other factors and forces into consideration to conclude abroad market overview to help our customers develop effective strategies and make well-informed decisions.


Polytrade provides Legal Services for Entrepreneurs and start-ups Sudan exclusive.

Polytrade legal department provides legal services from entrepreneurs to low-income individuals who want to start or develop for-profit businesses. With a special discount and privilege for businesses committed to local community & economic development. Our legal services include Financial Services Regulation, Employment Law, Data Protection & Privacy Law, Business Legal Services, Commercial Law, Cooperate law, Lawyer referrals.


Polytrade provide logistic warehouses in both Sudan and Egypt, from storage facilities to normal and frigerated containers. In addition to storage facilities in ports for both countries. Moreover, Transport carriers can also be provided upon request through our dedicated partners.

Hulled Sesame Seed Processing Industrial Line:

Polytrade Sesame processing plant is stationed strategically in Al – Gaili, Khartoum where we provide our customers sesame distillation service through our top-notch Turkish machinery to insure exceptional quality with competitive prices.